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“A directory of topics for West Virginia students, educators and others, plus videos and links for more information”

wv studies

“You’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” Christopher Robin, The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

wv studies

UPDATES — (Previous updates are on the the “About” page.)    When a state or federal agency changes the URL/web address for a site, seldom is there a redirect from the previous URL.  When we discover it, we attempt to find the new URL and update it on MH3WV, or we go to Archive.org’s “Wayback Machine” to find a previous version of the site to which we link.

—September 2023—

Added videos:  “The Forgotten Ghost Town Of Thurmond West Virginia” and ” History-rich Nuttallburg tells a story of coal mining in West Virginia’s New River Gorge ”   [National Parks/Forests/More]

Added “Seneca Rocks” short video  [National Parks/Forests/More]

Added “Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory” video [Special Places]

Added “Cheat Summit Fort” and “Camp Allegheny” [Statehood / Civil War]

Added “Discovery World on Market”  [Museums}

Modified URLs for several links, including: “The Campaign of 1861 in Western Virginia”  [Statehood / Civil War]

Added “Battle of Corricks Ford: A History”;  “Born of the Civil War”;  Rich Mountain Battlefield’s “Color Brochure”  [Statehood / Civil War]

—August 2023—

Updated URLs for “JR Clifford Curriculum” [African-Americans]

Updated URLs for US Army Corps of Engineers “Navigation Projects” [Transpotation] and “Flood Control Projects” [National Forests/ Parks/More]

Added “Blenko’s 2023 WV Day Piece”  [Made/Grown]

West Virginia will soon have a new State Park:  Summersville Lake  [State Parks/Forests]

Added “Pollinator Zones at WV State Parks”; “Hawks Nest Lodge Tour”; “Cacapon Lodge Tour”; “Glade Creek Gristmill: Babcock’s world-class attraction”; “Blackwater Falls Makeover Makes it a Destination for Downtime”; “All Aboard: Cass Scenic Railroad”   [State Parks / Forests]


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MH3WV – My Hills, My Heritage, My Home, West Virginia, is “The One Stop Start” for Golden Horseshoe Test and other West Virginia Studies information. The website was launched on June 20, 2014 and has been regularly updated, most recently on September 26, 2023.

wv studies


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