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“As we look ahead at the challenges we must overcome this year, we are reminded that West Virginians have never had it easy. But we have proved time and again, for generations, what has been true all along – the people who call our state home are among the best and brightest in the world.”
—Governor Earl Ray Tomblin during the State of the State address, January 13, 2016

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“4 – H”  –  WVU Extension Service

wv 4 h       wv 4 h pledge

“4-H continues to make summers fun. Summer learning activities connected 24,000 youths in diverse adventures, including science camps, literacy and nutrition programs, agricultural field days, and leadership experiences. Through camp, club, and special-project activities, 4-H brings positive youth development activities to one out of every four West Virginia youths.”

“West Virginia University Extension Service offers 4-H programs in all 55 of the state’s counties. From camps to clubs, 4-H focuses on service and learning activities that involve the “head, heart, hands, and health” of a community and its members.”

Explore WVU Extension Service’s “4-H” Website

4-H History (5:01/2006/digitalreporter)



“WV Farm To School”


“West Virginia’s Farm to School Community Development Group is a collaboration of WV partners working toward two primary goals:

“Grow the next generation of farmers in West Virginia and

“Increase the amount of local food served in our schools.
To accomplish these goals we have three focus areas: GROW-EDUCATE-SELL.”

Explore “Farm to School Community Development Group” Website


“Approximately 95 percent of West Virginia farms are family-owned; the highest percentage in the U.S.”


Explore “WV Farm-to-School” Website



“Volunteer WV”

volunteer-wvwv possibilities opportunities

“Volunteer West Virginia challenges West Virginians to strengthen their communities through service and volunteerism. Through our programs and services, we identify and mobilize resources, promote an ethic of service, and empower communities to solve problems and improve the quality of life for individuals and families.”

Explore “Volunteer West Virginia” Website

WV Possibilities opportunities “About AmeriCorps”

“When you join AmeriCorps, you use your energy, ideals, and talents to help others. Plus, you’ll earn a living allowance, money for education, learn to be a leader, and gain real job skills.”

Explore Volunteer West Virginia’s “AmeriCorps” Website

“Try This WV”


“This is a smorgasbord of do-able, practical ideas that can help us turn our dreams of a healthier community into reality. West Virginia is at or near the top of every awful chronic disease list. It doesn’t have to stay that way.”

Explore “Try This WV” Website


“Change The Future WV”

west virginia possibilities opportunities“Change the Future WV believes that all West Virginians should live in communities that help them be healthy, rather than places that make it difficult to eat well, be active, and maintain overall physical and mental well-being.”

Explore “Change the Future WV” Website

“Turn This Town Around”

ttta-web-logo turn this town around

“Turn This Town Around is joint focus of the West Virginia Community Development Hub, West Virginia Focus and West Virginia Public Broadcasting. The goal is to help towns in the state turn things around and once again become vibrant communities.”



wv focus



logo-wvpb west virginia puvblic broadcasting

“ ‘Here in West Virginia, we are really, really proud of our ability to survive all sorts of challenges and adversarial situations, whether it’s floods or declining population or the railroad closing or whatever it is. We are really proud of our ability to survive. I’m going to challenge you to quit being proud of surviving. Start being proud of thriving.’ ” — Kent Spellman, executive director of the West Virginia Community Development Hub

The “Turn This Town Around” program is inactive, but has been replaced by other programs of the the WV Community Development Hub.

Explore WV Community Development Hub’s Website


    “Turn This Town Around”

logo-wvpb west virginia puvblic broadcasting

“Members of the WV Community Development Hub and others talk about the processes used to help small towns revitalize themselves.”



    “Turn This Town Around” on “The Legislature Today”

logo-wvpb west virginia puvblic broadcasting

“Hear from the West Virginia Community Delevopment Hub’s Kent Spellman, Nikki Bowman of West Virginia Focus and more about Turn This Town Around.” (9:36/2015/WVPublicBroadcasting)


“WV – Make It Shine”

dept environ protect


“The WV Make It Shine Program is a comprehensive program aimed at making WV the cleanest state in the nation. Throughout the state, groups of volunteers, businesses, community organizations and local governments are working to accomplish this goal. It is the responsibility of the WV Make It Shine Program to coordinate the effort of these people to make our state shine!”

Explore WV Dept of Environmental Protection’s “Make It Shine” Website


    “Operation Wildflower”

dept environ protect    wv-dot


“Our highways are a visitor’s introduction to West Virginia, and first impressions can be lasting. Realizing the need for highway beautification, the West Virginia Garden Clubs, Inc. and the Divisions of Highways and Natural Resources joined forces in 1990 to bring beauty and diversity to roadside landscapes by planting native and naturalized wildflowers in areas which normally supported weeds and dense brush. Their objective was also to encourage the preservation of natural stands of native wildflowers that traditionally had been mowed down and the planting of wildflowers on private property. In the last few years highway landscapes have been greatly improved as a result of this cooperative effort which resulted in the creation of West Virginia Operation Wildflower.”

Explore WV Division of Highways’ “Operation Wildflower” Website

“Operation Wildflower has brought beauty and diversity to West Virginia highways for many years. The program has been, and continues to be, an asset to the Mountain State. The program began in 1990 under the DNR with a test site on I-64 near Huntington, West Virginia. The success of the site led to the expansion of the program to include donations from garden clubs and the public. Today, more than 250 acres of wildflowers grow on state roads, including sites on every interstate highway.”

Explore WV Dept of Environmental Protection’s “Operation Wildflower” Website

<<Information on Monarch Butterflies and the need to plant milkweed is on the “State Symbols” page.>>


dept environ protect     wv-dot


“The Adopt-A-Highway Program is co-sponsored by the Division of Highways and the Department of Environmental Protection, REAP Program. It was established in the late 1980s to improve the quality of the state’s environment by encouraging public involvement in the elimination of highway litter. Its objective is to save taxpayer money by increasing public awareness and to serve as an educational tool by focusing on the consequences of littering. The program offers volunteers the opportunity to take charge of their own environment by making a positive effort to create a cleaner, more aesthetic place in which to live.

“Individuals, families, churches, businesses, schools, civic organizations, government agencies, scouting groups, fraternities and communities are among the thousands who are current Adopt-A-Highway participants. Anyone who is at least 12 years old may participate.”

Explore WV DOH’s “Adopt-A-Highway” Website

“The Adopt-A-Highway Program is co-sponsored by the Division of Highways and the Department of Environmental Protection. It was established in the late 1980’s under the DNR (now a REAP Program) to improve the quality of our environment by encouraging public involvement in the elimination of highway litter. Its objective is to to continue uncheckesave taxpayers money by increasing public awareness and to serve as an educational tool by focusing on the consequences which result when littering is allowed to continue unchecked. The program offers volunteers the opportunity to take charge of their own environment by making a positive effort to create a cleaner, more aesthetic place in which to live.”

Explore WV Dept of Environmental Protection’s “Adopt-A-Highway” Website


“Dare WV”

The D.A.R.E. Mission:

“Teaching students good decision-making skills to help them lead safe and healthy lives”

The D.A.R.E. Vision:

“A world in which students everywhere are empowered to respect others and choose to lead lives free from violence, substance abuse, and other dangerous behaviors.”

Explore “D.A.R.E. WV” Website


“Raze WV”

A lot of passionate young West Virginians. One mission.

“We are RAZE. And our mission is clear. We’re putting everything we’ve got into tearing down the lies of Big Tobacco in West Virginia.Tobacco has taken over our state. And now is our time to take it back. We can be the generation of West Virginians that create a serious rebellion against big tobacco and make a real change.”

Explore “RAZEWV”  Website

“WV State Social Studies Fair”


west virginia state social studies fair

“An annual event in which students from across the state demonstrate their knowledge and creativity in the true spirit of 21st Century Learning!”

Explore WV DOE’s “WV State Social Studies Fair” Website


“National History Day”


national history day logo wv

“What is the National History Day Contest, you ask? Each year more than half a million students just like you participate. You will choose an historical topic related to the annual theme, and then conduct primary and secondary research. You will look through libraries, archives and museums, conduct oral history interviews, and visit historic sites. After you have analyzed and interpreted your sources, and have drawn a conclusion about the significance of your topic, you will then be able to present your work in one of five ways: as a paper, an exhibit, a performance, a documentary, or a web site.”

Explore WV DOE’s “National History Day” Website (scroll down then click on “National History Day”)

“Governor’s Schools of WV”

governor's schools of west virginia

“West Virginia’s Governor’s Schools Offer Students Free Residential Scholastic Opportunity and Chance of a Lifetime.” 

“The State of West Virginia is proud to offer The Governor’s Honors Schools, residential summer sessions for academically and/or artistically talented students from across West Virginia.  Consisting of programs that take place every summer on the campuses of various state colleges and institutions of learning, the programs are based on the premise that West Virginia’s youth must be provided with special opportunities for learning and personal development in order for them to realize their full potential.”

Explore “Governor’s Schools of WV” Website

“Want to have an amazing summer and show off your talent?”

Explore Governor’s Schools of WV’s “Students” Website – – “. . . that can tell you just where you need to go for finding information about the Governor’s School for your grade.”

“West Virginia Health Sciences and Technology Academy”

WV Possibilities Opportunities “Health Sciences & Technology Academy, known as HSTA, is a one-of-a-kind mentoring program in the state of West Virginia that helps participating high school students enter and succeed in STEM-based undergraduate and graduate degree programs. HSTA marshals the efforts of hundreds of mentors—teachers, community members, higher-education faculty and staff, and the HSTA participants themselves—through a framework that supports students facing social and financial challenges to obtaining a diploma and moving on to college.”

Explore “WV-HSTA” Website

Explore WV-HSTA’s “How to Apply” Website

“West Virginia Robotics Alliance”

“The Home of K-12 Robotics Programs in WV”

“NASA’s Robotic Alliance Project consists of members from across government and education dedicated to the promotion of robotics through competitions. The Robotic Alliance mission is to create a human, technical, and programmatic resource of robotics capabilities to enable the implementation of future robotic space exploration missions.”

“The West Virginia Robotics Alliance is managed by the Education Resource Center (ERC) team at the Katherine Johnson NASA IV&V Facility in Fairmont, WV. The ERC is funded by a grant from NASA and managed by Fairmont State University.

“We manage thirteen robotics initiatives, run qualifying and championship tournaments, offer summer camps across the state, provide teacher and coach trainings, and host international robotics competitions.”

“At this time, any interested students, educators, coaches, mentors, or sponsors are encouraged to engage in the currently supported robotics initiatives in West Virginia including Junior FIRST LEGO® League, FIRST LEGO® League, FIRST Tech Challenge, FIRST Robotics Competition, VEX IQ, VEX Robotics Competition, Vex U, Skills USA, and Zero Robotics.

“From kindergarten through college, there are a growing number of robotics programs available to students here in West Virginia.  The excitement of robotics education gives students practical, hands-on experience in engineering, programming, collaboration, and communication.”

FIRST LEGO League Junior: Grades K-3

FIRST LEGO League: Grades 4-8

VEX IQ: Grades 4-8

Zero Robotics Middle School: Grades 5-8

VEX Robotics Competition: Grades 5-12

FIRST Tech Challenge: Grades 7-12

Zero Robotics: Grades 7-12

FIRST Robotics Competition: Grades 9-12

Skills USA: Grade 9-CTC

VEX U:  Post-Secondary

Explore “WV Robotics Alliance” Website




“WV STEAM” / “Inspiring West Virginians” / “Appalachian Innovators” – WV Public Broadcasting


[List of videos may vary when you visit the website]

wv STEAM_POSTER wv public broadcasting“West Virginia STEAM is a series of videos designed to [help] middle and high school students consider careers in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. They are produced by West Virginia Public Broadcasting with help from the West Virginia Department of Education.”

  • Nanoengineer and the Scientific Method
  • Pipefitter and the Pythagorean Theorem
  • Nurse (and) the Frontline of Family History
  • The Art of an Iron Alchemist
  • Forensic Science in the Crime Lab
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technicians are In-Demand

WV possibilities“Inspiring West Virginians – The series from WV Public Broadcasting profiles West Virginians who have exceptional careers in scientific fields. Curriculum for science and social studies is included.”

  • Kim Weaver:  Astrophysicist
  • Rodney Bartgis:  Conservationist
  • Dr. Lewis Cantley:  Medical Researcher
  • Geoffrey Cousins:  Heart Surgeon
  • Katherine Johnson:  NASA Computer
  • John Ochsendorf:  Structural Engineer

“Appalachian Innovators – Video programs dealing with innovations in carbon fibers, lavender farming, job creation, and rare earth elements are included in this collection. Lesson plans and discussion questions are included.”

  • Lavender Farming
  • Trail Town
  • Generation West Virginia
  • How One Man Is Using Coal to Help Blast Rockets into Space
  • Rare Earth Elements

Explore WV Public Broadcasting’s “WV STEAM”  Website – also includes “Inspiring West Virginians” and “Appalachian Innovators”

“American Graduate – Building West Virginia’s Workforce”

WV possibilities opportunities

“The American Graduate Project looks at CTE programs and the job market for technical skills in the Mountain State and across the United States. In some situations, these programs may be available to students while they are still in high school! It’s certainly something recent graduates and adult learners of all ages can explore.”

“As the Mountain State’s skilled workforce ages and manufacturing evolves to use technology, there are job opportunities in West Virginia that require some training or certification, but not a 4-year degree.  West Virginia Public Broadcasting takes a look at the career pathways that are available in West Virginia.”

A growing number of videos.  Topics thus far include:

  • Training and Apprenticeships – takes a look at training and apprenticeships as a pathways to employment.
  • The West Virginia Laborers’ Training Center – has apprenticeship programs for students from all over West Virginia.
  • Businesses Need Workers Now – Listen to a business leader talk about the importance of fostering skilled workers.
  • Workforce West Virginia – a clearing house for all things employment and training related.
  • Painters Training – earn a wage while training to be a painter.
  • Iron Workers Training – see what Iron Workers do and what kind of training is available.
  • Carpenters Training – hear what it is like to participate in the Carpenters’ Apprenticeship program.
  • Lineman Training – Learn and Earn – Begin earning a wage while you are still learning a job.

Explore WV Public Broadcasting’s “American Graduate – Building West Virginia’s Workforce” Website

“WV Career and Technical Education – CTE” – WV Dept. of Education


career technical educ

“Career Technical Education (CTE) programs are changing, evolving and innovating to better serve West Virginia’s needs by preparing students to help drive our success and vitality. Further, CTE is creating an educational environment that integrates core academics with real-world relevance. CTE is transforming expectations and making a difference for students, for businesses and industry, for West Virginia and for the global community.

“In the last two decades, career technical education has evolved from “voc” education to high tech programs that promote increased academic rigor. The problem that continues to haunt the secondary career technical programs is the perception that career technical education is a set of less-demanding classes taken by students who are not interested in or able to go to college. This is far from the truth. New career technical programs being offered in West Virginia’s career technical schools include Project Lead the Way — pre-engineering curriculum with emphasis on science, math, and technology, Cisco Networking — high level computer interfacing for business, Gaming — technology graphic design, and many more.”

Explore “WV Career and Technical Education” Website


“Student Organizations” – WV Dept. of Education


wv deca

wv fbla pbl

wv fccla

wv fea West Virginia

wv ptlw

wv skills usa

wv tsa

wv nths

Explore WV Career and Technical Education’s “Student Career and Technical Education” Website – click on the organization’s logo for more information on that organization



       “WV Career and Technical Education Facilities” – WV Dept. of Education


career technical educ

  • 25 High Schools with five or more occupational areas
  • 23 County Centers with five or more occupational areas
  • 7   Multi-County Centers
  • 16 Colleges/Universities offering career/technical education
  • 3   Specialized Facilities offering career/technical education


Career and Technical Education includes:  [This list may change – contact your local institution for current availability]

Agriculture Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Architecture Architecture & Construction
Arts Arts, A/V Technology & Communications
Business Business Management & Administration
Education Education & Training
Finance Finance
Government Government & Public Administration
Health Health Science

Hospitality Hospitality & Tourism
Human Human Services
Information Information Technology
Law Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
Manufacturing Manufacturing
Marketing Marketing
Science Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Transportation Transportation, Distribution & Logistics



“Similar, but Different”   –   “Career and Technical Education”  &  “Community and Technical College System”

career technical educ             wv education possibilities opportunities

 Although both provide training in many of the same areas. . .

“WV Career and Technical Education” (CTE):   career technical educ is part of the WV Dept of Education.

The “Community and Technical College System of WV” (CTCS):  wv education possibilities opportunities is part of the WV Higher Education System. 

They are separate entities, but both are among the many, many opportunities in WV that can help you get a great job that does NOT require a 4-year degree.



“Community and Technical College System of WV – CTCS”

wv education possibilities opportunities“The mission of the Community and Technical College System of West Virginia is to promote and provide high-quality, accessible, and responsive education and training opportunities that maximize student learning, improve the standard of living for West Virginians, and contribute to the economic vitality and competitiveness of our state.”

“Our colleges offer a wide range of training opportunities to meet your workforce needs.  We can also deliver customized training and professional continuing education (CEU) courses.”  (This list may change – see website for current information)

Business & Software
• Bookkeeping
• Business Etiquette/Ethics
• Business & Office Management
• Crystal Reports
• Desktop Publishing
• Microsoft Access
• Microsoft Excel
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• Microsoft Word
• OSHA and Workplace Safety
• Website Design
• Windows Vista

• ICD-9 / CPT
• Legal Concepts in Healthcare
• Medical Assistant
• Medical Coding & Billing
• Medical Transcription

Sustainable Technologies
• 2009 Energy Codes Training
• BPI® Building Analyst
• Green Advantage®
• Green Construction Technologies
• HERS® Home Energy Auditor
• Weatherization

Engineering & Information Technology
• AC/DC Circuits
• Basic Diesel Repair
• Basic Electricity
• Chemical Processing
• Civil Engineering Technology
• Construction Estimating
• Drafting & Design
• Fluid Power/Hydraulics
• Information Technology:
– CISCO CCNA Certification
– MCSE Certification
– Networking
– PC Repair
– SQL & SQL Server
– Unix
• Manufacturing Processes
• Mechanical Engineering
• Mechatronics
• Mine Safety
• National Electric Code Update
• PLCs
• Surveying
• Welding


9 Colleges. 27 Campuses.

wv education possibilities opportunities


community and tech college map

  • Blue Ridge CTC
  • BridgeValley CTC
  • Eastern CTC
  • Mountwest CTC
  • New River CTC
  • Pierpont CTC
  • Southern WV CTC
  • WV Northern CC
  • WVU Parkersburg

“90% of the fastest growing jobs require education beyond high school.

“The fastest growing and best paying jobs may require some college.  Individuals need a solid academic foundation to meet increasing skill demands of 21st century jobs. Jobs requiring associate degrees are expected to grow the fastest (32%), and bachelor’s degree next (24%).

“Technical programs through community and technical colleges may require only one year to complete, while others require two years.”

Explore “Community and Technical College System of WV” Website



       “Learn More – Earn More!” – Community and Technical College System of WV

wv education possibilities opportunities



“WV Gear Up”

wv gear up

“West Virginia GEAR UP is a federally funded program that helps students in ten counties prepare to succeed in education and training beyond high school. “GEAR UP” stands for “Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs,” and the program’s goal is to help more students pursue their dreams of earning a college diploma or skillset certificate.”

Explore “GEAR UP” Website

“Mountaineer ChalleNGe Academy” – WV National Guard

mountaineer challenge acad

“Making ChaNGe a Reality . . . Your Reality, Your School, Your Future”

“The Mountaineer ChalleNGe Academy is the “first choice” special alternative education program in the State of WV, providing a safe, secure, structured training environment for volunteer youth who strive to improve their life, enhance their future, and who are ultimately better for having the ChalleNGe experience.”

“The mission of the Mountaineer ChalleNGe Academy is to train and mentor selected at-risk youth to become contributing members of society using the 8 Core Components . . . during a 22-week residential and one year post-residential follow-up program.”

  • Are you between the ages of 16 to 18?
  • Are you having trouble in school?
  • Do you have the desire to change your life and don’t know how to?

“The Mountaineer ChalleNGe Academy may be for you!”


“What is the Mountaineer ChalleNGe Academy?”

“The Mountaineer ChalleNGe Academy is designed to give academically challenged teens a second chance at obtaining their basic education. High School Diplomas are available for those who qualify under the Option 1 Pathway.”

“The ability to earn a traditional high school diploma, with all the rights and privileges of that credential, will open a large variety of career opportunities to Academy graduates, including military service.”

Explore WV National Guard’s “Mountaineer ChalleNGe Academy” Website



“TASC – Test Assessing Secondary Completion” – WV Dept of Education



“Congratulations on taking the first step to a better future!

“Preparing for and earning the a high school equivalency diploma is one of the most important journeys of your life! West Virginia currently uses the TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) to demonstrate the attainment of skills equivalent to those at the high school completion level. Many people just like you have taken the TASCTests to get a better job, continue their education, or prove to themselves they can accomplish dreams they once thought were impossible.”



{The GED has been replaced by TASC in WV and many other states}

[Contact your local Board of Education office for information about these programs]

“Alternative Means To Earn High School Credit”


“The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) is committed to offering alternative educational opportunities to ensure student success, decrease the dropout rate and increase the graduation rate. Each of these opportunities includes a blend of Career Technical Education (CTE) and traditional core academic opportunities or a WVDE approved High School Equivalency Assessment (HSEA). These opportunities are intended to provide options to youth experiencing dramatic risks of dropping out of school.”

[Contact your local Board of Education office for information about these programs]


“Classroom 2 Career Navigator”

wv education possibilities


wv education opportunities

wv education possibilities opportunities


WV College possibility

“Navigate your future to find information on careers, colleges, military service, entrepreneurship, and on-the-job training. . . The Classroom 2 Career Navigator is a repository of information that aids counselors, students, families and the broader community in learning more about college, military, entrepreneurship and career pathways as well as on-the-job training opportunities available in the state.”

Explore West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE)/West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission (HEPC)/West Virginia Community and Technical College System (WVCTCS) “Classroom 2 Career” Website


“Job Corps”


“Job Corps is a free education and training program that helps young people learn a career, earn a high school diploma or GED, and find and keep a good job. For eligible young people at least 16 years of age that qualify as low income, Job Corps provides the all-around skills needed to succeed in a career and in life.”

“Job Corps is the largest nationwide residential career training program in the country and has been operating for more than 50 years. The program helps eligible young people ages 16 through 24 complete their high school education, trains them for meaningful careers, and assists them with obtaining employment. Job Corps has trained and educated over two million individuals since 1964.”

“At Job Corps, students have access to room and board while they learn skills in specific training areas for up to three years. In addition to helping students complete their education, obtain career technical skills and gain employment, Job Corps also provides transitional support services, such as help finding employment, housing, child care, and transportation. Job Corps graduates either enter the workforce or an apprenticeship, go on to higher education, or join the military.”

Explore “Job Corps” Website

There are 2 Job Corps Centers in WV:

Charleston Job Corps Center
1000 Curtis Price Way
Charleston, WV 25311
Fax: 304-925-7127

Harpers Ferry Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center
146 Buffalo Dr
Harpers Ferry, WV 25425
Fax: 304-728-8200

“Kids’ Chance of WV”

kids chance wv west virginia“Kids’ Chance of West Virginia is a nonprofit organization which provides scholarships to the sons and daughters of West Virginia residents who have been seriously, catastrophically or fatally injured in a work-related accident. Too often these children lack the financial resources to attend an accredited trade school, vocational school, college or university. Kids’ Chance provides scholarships that allow them to pursue a degree or certificate in any field of study at both in-state and out of state schools.”

Explore “Kids’ Chance of WV” Website

“College Foundation of WV”


“To help ALL West Virginians prepare for and succeed in postsecondary education and a career.

“CFWV is coordinated by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission in conjunction with the West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education, the West Virginia Department of Education and West Virginia GEAR UP.”

Explore “College Foundation of WV” Website

    “West Virginia PROMISE Scholarship” – CFWV



“The PROMISE Scholarship is a merit-based financial aid program for West Virginia residents. Students who achieve certain academic goals are eligible to receive funds to help pay for college. Eligible high school graduates will receive annual awards up to $4,750 to cover the cost of tuition and mandatory fees at public or independent institutions in West Virginia.”

Explore College Foundation of WV’s “PROMISE Scholarship” Website


“WV Higher Education Policy Commission”

WV College possibility

higher education policy comm

“West Virginia’s four-year public higher education system includes 12 Colleges and Universities that offer vast opportunities for a high-quality education at an affordable cost.”

  • Bluefield State College
  • Concord University
  • Fairmont State University
  • Glenville State College
  • Marshall University
  • Potomac State College of West Virginia University
  • Shepherd University
  • West Liberty University
  • West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
  • West Virginia State University
  • West Virginia University
  • West Virginia University Institute of Technology

Explore “WV Higher Education Policy Commission” Website

“WV Independent Colleges & Universities”


wv education wv studies“Attending a West Virginia Private College or University is Possible: Let Us Help You.

“Ninety-four percent of students at West Virginia’s independent schools and universities receive financial aid and 32% are classified as underserved or needy. The average financial aid package is $20,647.

“Contact the admissions office of one of our eight member institutions for information.”


  • Alderson Broaddus University
  • Appalachian Bible College
  • Bethany College
  • Davis & Elkins College
  • University of Charleston
  • Ohio Valley University
  • Wheeling University
  • West Virginia Wesleyan College

Explore “WV Independent Colleges & Universities” Website

“US Dept of Defense”

us dept defense 2


“The Department of Defense is America’s oldest and largest government agency. With our military tracing its roots back to pre-Revolutionary times, the Department of Defense has grown and evolved with our nation.

“Today, the Department is not only in charge of the military, . . . but it also employs a civilian force of thousands. With over 1.4 million men and women on active duty, and 718,000 civilian personnel, we are the nation’s largest employer. Another 1.1 million serve in the National Guard and Reserve forces. More than 2 million military retirees and their family members receive benefits.”

“The national security depends on our defense installations and facilities being in the right place, at the right time, with the right qualities and capacities to protect our national resources. Those resources have never been more important as America fights terrorists who plan and carry out attacks on our facilities and our people. Our military service members and civilians operate in every time zone and in every climate. More than 450,000 employees are overseas, both afloat and ashore.”


Explore “US Department of Defense” Website


       “Today’s Military” – US DOD

US military wv possibilities       us today military

“You Have A Calling. We Have An Answer.”
us army logous navy logous marines logous air force logous coast guard logoUS Military possibilities




“Military Service Branches:  The U.S. Military consists of five active-duty service branches and their respective Guard and Reserve units. Together, they offer a broad variety of ways to serve.”

“Volunteering. Engineering. Performing — just some of the passions service members pursue. Watch them discover their calling, then continue your journey with bonus content.”

Explore “Today’s Military” Website  –  (This is a very comprehensive US Government website. Links to all branches of service — Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard – including Active Duty, Reserves, and National Guard.)

Joining Overview:
“When it comes to learning about the Military, knowing where to start your research may seem daunting. Don’t worry — we’re here to help. The first steps to considering service include understanding the Military’s basic entrance requirements, exploring the different Service branches and deciding between enlisted and officer career paths.”

Explore Today’s Military “Joining & Eligibility” Website — “Everything you need to know about entering the military. All in one place.”

“US Military Academy – West Point”

us military acad

“Being accepted for admission to the United States Military Academy (USMA) at West Point is an exceptional honor reserved for our nation’s most promising students. But it takes more than excellent grades to be accepted for admission. West Point wants leaders who are not only intelligent, who are physically fit and of outstanding character. Those who are selected to attend USMA receive a college education that is unparalleled in the world with tuition, room and board, and expenses fully paid.”

Explore “US Military Academy” Website

Explore US Military Academy’s “Admissions” Website


“US Naval Academy”

us naval acad

“As the undergraduate college of our country’s naval service, the Naval Academy prepares young men and women to become professional officers of competence, character, and compassion in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. Naval Academy students are midshipmen on active duty in the U.S. Navy.  They attend the Academy for four years, graduating with Bachelor of Science degrees and then commissioning as Ensigns in the Navy or Second Lieutenants in the Marine Corps. Naval Academy graduates serve at least five years in the Navy or Marine Corps.”

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“US Air Force Academy”

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“The United States Air Force Academy offers a four-year program of instruction and experience designed to provide cadets the knowledge and character essential for leadership, and the motivation to serve as Air Force career officers. Each cadet graduates with a bachelor of science degree and a commission as a second lieutenant in the Air Force.  From the moment you arrive, we give you real-world challenges. You get hands-on experiences that push you to your limits — and beyond.  You’ll get to learn, lead, compete and serve.  “The Air Force’s Academy: Developing Leaders of Character.”

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“US Coast Guard Academy”

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“The U.S. Coast Guard Academy is proud to educate leaders of a multi-mission, maritime military force. As a commissioned officer in the Coast Guard, you will be leading a team of men and women who are continually called on to serve their community, country and fellow citizens.  While the United States Coast Guard is notable as the oldest life-saving service in the world, its roles include more than just Maritime Safety and Security. The Coast Guard is also called upon for critical service in protection of natural resources, maritime mobility (management of maritime traffic, commerce and navigation) and national defense.”

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Explore US Coast Guard Academy’s “Admissions” Website

“US Space Force”

US Military possibilities“The United States Space Force is a separate and distinct branch of the armed services, organized under the Department of the Air Force in a manner very similar to how the Marine Corps is organized under the Department of the Navy. While a separate process for joining the U.S. Space Force is being developed, the best way to apply to join the Space Force is through the U.S. Air Force and an Air Force recruiter.”

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“Appalachian Innovators”


“Appalachia is no stranger to innovation — people in this region are resourceful, often having to find new ways of doing things with few resources. The Appalachian Innovators series shines a spotlight on people, programs and policies that use novel ways to make a difference in citizens’ lives.”

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“WV Small Business Development Center”


“The West Virginia Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is a statewide network that provides essential information for successfully starting, expanding and growing a business. SBDC programs are designed to provide high-quality business and economic development assistance to promote growth, expansion, innovation, increased productivity and management improvement.”

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“The West Virginia Small Business Development Center provides assistance to existing small businesses, as well as entrepreneurs who desire to start their own business. The center can help develop business plans as well as the skills needed to meet the challenges of starting a business.”      (4:57/2014/WVCommerce)


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