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About MH3WV


Why This Website — and More


West Virginians are proud to be West Virginians. West Virginians, whether by birth or choice, whether current resident or “not-for-now,” all have a unique love for their state.

It may be impossible to find a song about West Virginia that does not include the word “Home.” When traveling, or moving to another place, we West Virginians will look for other people or things that remind us of Home. When crossing the state line – whether over a river or a mountain, between the mountains, or even through a mountain – and the sign says “Welcome to Wild and Wonderful West Virginia,” it really means “Welcome Home!”

This is the spirit that helped create MH3WV. It is a non-profit organization with a specific purpose:   “To support and enhance the teaching of West Virginia Studies.” We are independent and not part of any of the organizations to which we have internet links, though we work with many of them, and have gathered information to support our purpose.

This website is the first part. Here will be found dozens of links to WV and US websites, and more than a few YouTube videos, all showcasing the diversity of our hills, our heritage and our home. It will be constantly updated, never really finished, and we will highlight changes on the home page in the “What’s New” section. Whether you are a student, a teacher, or someone just wanting to learn more, this website can be your “One Stop Start” for West Virginia Studies.

There is more to come: a Facebook page, and Instagram (because that is where the young folks are, at least for now), perhaps Twitter and other social media. Items for the classroom will be developed as we receive feedback. See the contact page or email mh3wv.org@gmail.com.

– June 20, 2014

Using the MH3WV.org Website


The website was designed to usable in the classroom: for presentations by the teacher or individually by students;  for homework assignments;  or for home schooling.  It consists mainly of links to other, often primary resources,  and videos.

  • The website is “responsive”—it will automatically resize to be usable on PCs, tablets and even smartphones.
  • The Header—the site search box, logo, tagline and menu of pages–is at the top of every page.
  • Clicking on a page title loads that page.
  • Each page has a table of contents of the topics on that page.  Clicking on the topic scrolls/jumps down the page to that topic.
  • Results from the site search box (at the top of every page) will indicate which page(s) include your topic.  Once on the page, use CRTL+F to search on that page.  (Search results may include ads from Google.)
  • All Links open in a new Window/Tab.  (We do not link to any websites that are commercial or political in nature, nor to any that have an abundance of advertising, unless specifically noted as such.)


Videos do not require an internet connection to YouTube (or Vimeo).  Those schools which have YouTube blocked will be able to view them.  These videos play on the MH3WV page—you will NOT see comments, thumbnails for “related videos,”  nor advertisements.
All videos and links on the MH3WV website have been screened for appropriateness and language.  But you are still urged to use due diligence and preview any Videos and/or Links you wish to use or assign.

We make regular checks of links and videos, but please let us know of any issues. Or Suggestions!   Email: mh3wv.org@gmail.com

“Know Your State” — “Musical Pictures” — “Our Musical Heritage”

MH3WV – “The One Stop Start” for West Virginia Studies – was inspired, in part, by a series of short radio programs from the 1950s and early 1960s in Kanawha County on WCHS, produced with the Junior League of Charleston and Kanawha County Schools, variously called Know Your State, Exploring Your State, or simply, Your State. Along with similar programs, Our Musical Heritage and Musical Pictures, many of the audio programs and printed materials are available on a website. A more complete story is there.


Our Thanks to. . .

  • all the national and WV state agencies to which we have links, because their work preserves our history and culture, and makes that information easily available to everyone, including students in WV Studies
  • the other, mostly non-profit, organizations to which we have links
  • individuals and organizations who have posted YouTube and other videos
  • students, faculty and staff of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Law Clinic of the West Virginia University College of Law
  • WV Division of Culture and History
  • WV Department of Education
  • WV Public Broadcasting
  • WV Humanities Council
  • MyRadioNetwork.us
  • Morgantown Printing and Binding


We will not link to any websites that are commercial or political in nature, nor to any that have an abundance of advertising, unless specifically noted as such.  Any sponsors/donors of MH3WV (“The One Stop Start” for WV Studies) will be identified as such; their small logos may also appear on printed materials.  We try not to add any additional commercialism to the classroom.

We will not share any personally identifiable information, such as names, email addresses, etc. with any other organization.


About MH3WV