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West Virginia Studies – MH3WV – miscellaneous links, videos, fairs and festivals, and other information not included elsewhere in the website.

“This Is Our West Virginia” – WV Chamber of Commerce

(The WV Chamber of Commerce is a business advocacy organization–it is not part of WV State Government.)

“A montage showing aspects of life in West Virginia in 2009. From employment to enjoyment, these glimpses of West Virginia culture and geography make up who we are and what we do.”    



“Experience WV” – WV Welcome Video – WV Tourism


“Welcome Video for National Association Of Commissions For Women” – WV Tourism


“Tribute to West Virginia” – American Mountain Theater

“The cast of the American Mountain Theater in Elkins takes you through a narrative and musical history of West Virginia in honor of the state’s 150th Birthday.”

Some good WV history lessons in the narration. Interesting historic photos.  (The American Mountain Theater in Elkins is not active.)

(8:16/2013/American Mountain Theater)

“West Virginia – America’s Richest State – A Time Lapse Film by Alex Wilson”

From Dolly Sods to Grandview and Marshall University to West Virginia University West Virginia has beauty and people that make it the richest state in America.     (3:26/2017/Alex Wilson)


“West Virginia Morning” – WV Lottery

“This West Virginia Lottery commercial produced by MotionMasters in 2001 shows the beauty of the state of West Virginia.”  (0.59/2014/MotionMasters)


“Jennifer Garner and Sam Trammell for WV Hospitality”

This is a throwback to an excerpt from a video Jennifer Garner and Sam Trammell hosted for West Virginia Tourism and Hospitality. In 1999, they traveled the state to showcase tourism opportunities. Jennifer is a West Virginia native and Sam grew up here.”


“Showreel” – WV Film Office

“Highlights of film & TV productions that have used beautiful and versatile landscapes found in the Mountain State.”  (3:25/2016)


WV Humanities Council


“The West Virginia Humanities Council is a private, nonprofit organization providing lifelong learning opportunities to the state’s citizens.  WVHC serves as a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.”

Explore “WV Humanities Council” Website

WV Department of Education and the Arts

education and arts logo

“The Department of Education and the Arts provides statewide leadership and innovation, enhancing arts and minds throughout West Virginia. Composed of six agencies and a number of special programs originating from the Cabinet Secretary’s Office, the Department seeks to reinforce the rich heritage of culture, education and artistic creation in West Virginia. Education and the Arts celebrates the resilience of the “Mountain Character” through public broadcasting, libraries, rehabilitation, professional development, community volunteerism and culture and history.”

[The Department of Education and the Arts was abolished in early 2018, with most of its agencies now part of the Division of Culture and History and the Department of Commerce]

The department included the following agencies: (Click on each to go to that agency’s website.)



     WV Public Broadcasting


“MISSION: West Virginia Public Broadcasting satisfies the human need to learn. Our programs nurture personal growth and civic responsibility, respect people’s intelligence, and promote life-long discovery.”


“VISION: West Virginia Public Broadcasting, through our unique programs and services, will empower people to broaden their perspectives, appreciate their history and become active in their communities. Using the power of public service media, we will create more informed, more educated, more motivated, and more prosperous citizens who will build a better West Virginia for our children and grandchildren.”

Explore “WV Public Broadcasting” Website

     WV Division of Culture and History


“The mission of the West Virginia Division of Culture and History is to identify, preserve, protect, promote and present the ideas, arts and artifacts of West Virginia’s heritage, building pride in our past accomplishments and confidence in our future.”

“The Division’s main offices are in the Culture Center at the State Capitol in Charleston. The building is home to the State Museum and Theater, the State Archives and Collections, and a library for genealogical research. The Division includes the West Virginia Commission on the Arts and the State Historic Preservation Office. At the Culture Center, the Division programs a full year of events and exhibits. The Division also administers four historical sites, with their own program schedules, in other areas of the state.”

Explore “WV Division of Culture and History” Website


WV Department of Commerce



“The overall mission of the Department of Commerce is to promote and preserve the well-being of the citizens of West Virginia by providing a cooperative interagency system that stimulates diverse economic growth and increased employment opportunities for all West Virginians, encourages the appropriate use of our state’s abundant natural resources, improves the safety and productivity of our work force, and promotes the beauty and desirability of our state as a world-class tourism destination.”

Explore “WV Dept of Commerce” Website

The department includes the following agencies:  (Click on each to go to that agency’s website.)

“WV Tourism Brochures”

Includes:  Travel & Recreation, State Parks, Rail Trails, State Forests, Wildlife Management Areas and other topics.

Explore WV Tourism’s “Brochures” Website for links to brochures.


    “WV Facts” – WV Tourism

Explore WV Tourism’s “WV Facts” Brochure – pdf

“WV Convention & Visitors Bureaus (CVBs)” – WV Tourism

Explore WV Tourism’s “West Virginia Convention & Visitors Bureaus” Website – includes links to each CVB 


    “WV Association of CVBs”

West Virginia WV Association of Convention and Visitors bureaus cvb

“The primary purpose of WVACVB is to enhance the professionalism, effectiveness, and image of CVBs throughout West Virginia thereby increasing each CVB’s ability to more successfully market their destination. WVACVB and its members, working with the West Virginia Division of Tourism and thousands of tourism businesses, have a significant positive impact on tourism in the State of West Virginia.”

Explore “WV Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus” Website


“Appalachian Regional Commission”

appal region comm        appal region comm 2

appal region map

“The Appalachian Region includes all of West Virginia and parts of Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. The Region is home to more than 25 million people and covers 420 counties and almost 205,000 square miles.”

Explore “Appalachian Regional Development Commission” Website


<<Links for Maps is on the MH3WV “History/Research” page>>

“Fairs and Festivals”

    “WV Association of Fairs and Festivals”

WV Fairs festivals

Explore WVAFF Website  —  Scroll to bottom of page for the menu or click the “hamburger” in upper right of page

Explore WVAFF’s “Event Members – Alphabetical” Website

Explore WVAFF’s “”Event Dates” Website

Explore WVAFF’s “2017 Member Events” Website

Explore WVAFF’s “2016 Calendar of Events” pdf

Explore WVAFF’s “2015 Calendar of Events” pdf

Explore Extensive “List of WVAFF 2015 Event Members” pdf

Explore WVAFF’s “2014 Calendar of Events” pdf

    “Fairs and Festivals” – WV Tourism

Explore WV Tourism’s “Fairs and Festivals” Website

    “Folklife * Fairs * Festivals” Calendar – GOLDENSEAL


Explore Goldenseal’s “Folklife*Fairs*Festivals” Website 

“My West Virginia Home”

“Photos of Kanawha and some surrounding Counties”

“As a native West Virginian,  I have grown, lived, and worked in WV for most of my life.  I have seen many changes, both good and bad.  I have witnessed the best we have to offer, and the worst.  West Virginians have always been relegated to their fate:  They don’t ask for much, and so are rarely disappointed.  Most consider WV a good place to start a family where it’s relatively safe from the big city problems.  But we have always lacked the sights and sounds and yes… the job opportunities of the larger cities.  So it’s very much the norm for people to have to leave and find their fortunes elsewhere.  WV has probably exported more good people than any other state in the Union and yet,  they always call WV home.  This page is for them. The expatriates who had to leave WV for any number of reasons.  To you I say:  we’re still here,  holding down the fort.  Politics is about the same and so are job opportunities, but there has also been improvement.   We welcome you back any chance you get, to remember your roots or just to see what’s new. This site is also dedicated to those who stayed and worked hard without recognition,  without fancy homes or fancy careers.  In other words, the average working man.  – Jerry”

Explore “My WV Home” Website

“WV Explorer”

WV Explorer

“Follow roads less traveled into West Virginia and some of the world’s most inspiring landscapes. Ghost towns, mountain trails, and whitewater rivers await. The West Virginia Explorer has been a leading provider of travel information for West Virginia since 1999.”

Explore “WV Explorer” Website – Limited Advertisements

West Virginia Book Company

“The West Virginia Book Company is owned and operated by long-time Charleston resident Bill Clements. Assisted by Tammy Lowers, together we have over 50 years experience selling books in West Virginia. Our company’s wide range of offerings – books on folklore, nature, tourism, ghost stories, history, the Civil War, children’s books and more – allows us to be your “one-stop shop” for state and local interest books.”

Explore “West Virginia Book Company” Commercial Website

McClain Printing Company

“Printers with Experience”

“Looking for Regional and County History books of West Virginia?  You’ve come to the right place.

“Since 1958, McClain Printing Company has earned a reputation throughout West Virginia and the east coast as a reliable, professional and creative printing business.

“Commercial printing was an addition years ago to an already thriving family business of book printing. The founder of MPC, Ken McClain, found that many of the regional and county history books of West Virginia were out of print and hard to obtain. The editor of the hometown paper in Tucker County, WV, he was asked to reprint many of the old histories of the area. Thus, the publishing division of MPC was created and from that, private book publishing at MPC was born.”

Explore “McClain Printing Company” Commercial Website

35th Star Publishing

“35th Star Publishing is a small press publisher located in Charleston, West Virginia, focusing on non-fiction titles relating to West Virginia and the Appalachian region … We are a traditional, niche publisher. We tend to work on projects that most larger publishers would not consider to be cost effective. Our typical project is a non-fiction work associated with West Virginia history and culture.”

Explore “35th Star Publishing” Commercial Website

“Bridge Day”


“Bridge Day—one of the largest extreme sports event in the world—is held annually on the third Saturday in October in Fayette County, West Virginia (WV), USA. Hundreds of BASE jumpers and nearly 80,000 spectators are expected to attend the event.”

Explore “Bridge Day” Website – numerous sponsor advertisements


“WV 150th Birthday”


Explore Sesquicentennial Commission’s “WV 150th” Website

    “150 in 3-D: A Century and a Half of West Virginia Pride”

“West Virginia’s history was brought to life in this magnificent three-dimensional film projected directly onto the face of the State Capitol for West Virginia’s 150th birthday. The 3-D projection was created and produced by Monster Media 3D, and the fireworks show was produced by Zambelli.”    (7:00/2013)



 Other WV

West Virginia WV Videos / WV Convention and Visitors Bureaus CVB / WV Fairs and Festivals 

West Virginia Fairs and Festivals / WV Studies Videos / West Virginia Studies Videos