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“WV150 in 3D: A Century and a Half of West Virginia Pride”

WV 150 – “The 3-D projection was created and produced by Monster Media 3D, and the fireworks show was produced by Zambelli.”    (7:00/2013)

“WV 150 – Online Sesquicentennial Exhibit”

WV sesquilogosmall“The WV150 Sesquicentennial Exhibit celebrates our statehood from 1860 to the present with an eclectic collection of West Virginia artifacts and art.  Many of the suggestions for what to showcase in the exhibit came from West Virginians.”

Explore West Virginia Culture and History’s ” WV 150 Online Sesquicentennial Exhibit” Website – Time periods index at bottom of each page. Click on photos for larger images

<<(September 2021)  Apparently, the Online Exhibit is no longer active on the West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture, and History (ACH) website. The link above will take you to the website, as found on Archive.org’s “Wayback Machine.”>>

“Child of the Rebellion”

West Virginia Civil War WV Statehood        wv history archives

Explore West Virginia Archives and History’s “Child of the Rebellion”  Website


Timeline of West Virginia Civil War and Statehood
Biographies of Statehood Leaders
Biographies of Members of the First West Virginia Legislature
Biographies of Western Virginia Delegates to the Richmond Convention
West Virginia and the Civil War: Annotated Bibliography
West Virginia State Archives Civil War Manuscripts, Special Collections, and Archival Holdings

Timeline Trivia Question
Sesquicentennial Moments
West Virginia Union Militia Letters
Civil War and Statehood Photographs
“Military Events in West Virginia During the Civil War, 1861-1865,” by Allen W. Jones
List, African American Soldiers from West Virginia
List, Recruiting Officers in West Virginia
Reminiscences, by T.B.A. David, 1908
Election Precincts in West Virginia Counties

Other Resource Links include:

John Brown:
“His Soul Goes Marching On: The Life and Legacy of John Brown” (online exhibit)
“John Brown/Boyd B. Stutler Collection Database”

West Virginia Statehood:
“A State of Convenience: The Creation of West Virginia” (online exhibit)
“Civil War in West Virginia”

“Sesquicentennial Moments”

wv history archives“A Brief Look Back at West Virginia’s History.” 

Dozens of “Moments” for 1861, 1862, and 1863

Explore West Virginia Archives and History’s  “Sesquicentennial Moments” Website

​”West Virginia’s Sesquicentennial Highway Historical Markers”

“Exploring Our Past”

wv history archives“In 2011 and 2012, Archives and History received $256,000 in grants to create 160 new highway historical markers on the Civil War in West Virginia and the creation of the Mountain State. Funding was provided by the United States Department of Transportation, the West Virginia Division of Highways, and the West Virginia State Legislature. Each county will receive at least two markers. Staff members and interns have worked to determine topics, conduct research, and write the marker texts, calling upon historians and local historical societies for insight when needed. Local groups and regional DOH offices, particularly the district sign shops, have greatly aided Archives and History in placing the new markers in locations that are both appropriate and accessible. As of October 2018, all 160 markers have been ordered.”

Explore West Virginia Archives and History’s “West Virginia’s Sesquicentennial Highway Historical Markers” Website includes links to text and images of the new markers as they are installed; and a link to a Story Map of the Sesquicentennial markers.

wv 150 sesquicentennialExplore West Virginia Archives and History’s Sesquicentennial Historical Highway Markers “Story Map” Website


  “New markers provide insight into overlooked history”

March 11, 2020

West Virginia Gazette“The West Virginia Historical Highway Marker Program is perhaps the most geographically expansive museum in the Mountain State and contributes to an enriched understanding of our past that is beneficial to citizens and out-of-state visitors.  The program was created as a New Deal project during the turbulent decade of the 1930s and has since expanded to include nearly 1,000 of the iconic aluminum signs throughout all 55 counties in West Virginia. . .”

Explore Charleston Gazette-Mail’s “New markers provide insight into overlooked history” article to continue reading (pdf)

January 27, 2013

“Big Boy got to hold up his big double cheeseburger at the state Culture Center on Friday. . .”

Explore scans of Gazette-Mail’s “New Sesquicentennial Exhibit Features the Flavor of West Virginia” article to continue reading (pdf)

June 15, 2013

wv 150 sesquicentennial history“Charleston artist Charles Jupiter Hamilton has painted a version of the celebration of West Virginia’s 150th birthday. The painting will be given to the West Virginia State Museum collection to be preserved and exhibited The West Virginia Sesquicentennial Commission will sell poster sized prints of the painting at $19.99 each.  The keepsake prints will be sold to those attending the 150th celebration at the Capitol June 20-22. Other official Sesquicentennial merchandise will also be sold.”

Explore Charles Jupiter Hamilton’s “Sesquicentennial Poster” (pdf)

WV history sesquicentennial“U.S. Postal Service Celebrates 150 Years of West Virginia Statehood” 

Explore information from US Postal Services “U. S. Postal . . .” press release

“WV 150 – West Virginia’s Sesquicentennial by the Numbers”

150 numerical facts about West Virginia:

Explore Charleston Gazette-Mail’s “West Virginia’s Sesquicentennial by the Numbers” list (pdf)


Explore Charleston Gazette-Mail’s “Ten Things to Know About West Virginia’s Sesquicentennial” list (pdf)


“West Virginia @ 150 – Daily Celebrations of West Virginia’s 150 Years”

     – West Virginia Public Broadcasting

     – West Virginia and Regional History Center at WVU

     – West Virginia Tourism



West Virginia History

    1863 – West Virginia Becomes the 35th State

    1869 – Helvetia is Settled

    1872 – “Harper’s” Publishes Porte Crayon’s “The Mountains”

    1882 – The Hatfield – McCoy Feud

    1897 – The Last Public Hanging in West Virginia

    1907 – The Monongah Mine Disaster

    1912 – The Paint Creek Strike

    1914 – The Eccles Mine Disaster

    1920 – The End of West Virginia’s Ancient Forests

    1920 – The Matewan Massacre

    1921 – The Battle of Blair Mountain

    1924 – Don Knotts Born

    1927 – Blind Alfred Reed Discovered at the Bristol Sessions

    1928 – The Silver Bridge Opens

    1930 – Hawks Nest Tunnel Work Begins

    1932 – West Virginia’s New Capitol Building

    1932 – The Lilly Brothers’ Radio Debut

    1933 – West Virginia’s First CCC Camp

    1934 – Arthurdale Founded

    1935 – Hazel Dickens Born

    1936 – Pare Lorentz Makes His First Documentary

    1941 – USS West Virginia Sinks in Pearl Harbor

    1945 – Woody Williams Wins the Congressional Medal of Honor

    1947 – The Hammons Family’s First Recording

    1947 – Chuck Yeager Breaks the Sound Barrier

    1952 – Johnnie Johnson Hires Chuck Berry

    1954 – The West Virginia Turnpike Opens

    1956 – The Green Bank Telescope – National Radio Astronomy Observatory Founded

    1959 – Jerry West & the National Championship

    1960 – JFK Wins in West Virginia

    1963 – Cass Scenic Railroad Opens

    1968 – The Farmington Mine Disaster

    1970 – The Marshall Plane Crash

    1971 – West Virginia’s First Ski Resort

    1972 – The Buffalo Creek Flood

    1972 – “Lean On Me” from Bill Withers

    1974 – The Kanawha County Textbook Controversy

    1977 – The New River Gorge Bridge Opens

    1978 – The New River Gorge National River Established

    1981 – Mountain Stage Begins

    1983 – Kathy Mattea Signs First Record Deal

    1984 – Mary Lou Retton Wins Olympic Gold Medal

    1985 – The Flood of 1985

    1988 – “Chillers” The Movie

    2003 – Army Bridge Built in Iraq

A West Virginia Reserve Company is the first Army unit since World War II to build a bridge under fire.

    2006 – The Sago Mine Disaster

    2009 – Robert C. Byrd Becomes the Longest Serving US Politician

    2010 – The Upper Big Branch Mine Explodes

    2012 – WVU Wins the Orange Bowl


WV150 / WV Sesquicentennial / West Virginia Sesquicentennial / WV 150

WV 150th Birthday / WV 150 Years of Statehood

West Virginia 150 / West Virginia 150 Years of Statehood

WV @ 150 / West Virginia @ 150

WV 150

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