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“Before the design of the present State Flag was officially adopted by the Legislature on March 7,1929, by Senate Joint Resolution No. 18, West Virginia had been represented by several flags which had proved impractical.  Prominently displayed on the pure white field of today’s flag and emblazoned in proper colors is a Coat of Arms, the lower half of which is wreathed by Rhododendron.  Across the top, lettered on a ribbon, is the constitutional designation-“State of West Virginia”. The white field is bordered on four sides by a strip of blue, and for parade purposes all but the staff side are to be trimmed with gold fringe.”   — (WV Blue Book)

West Virginia Gazette

June 15, 2013

State Flag: Civil War origins – The West Virginia flag has undergone several revisions since statehood 150 years ago. In January 1864, the Legislature approved a flag as a way to recognize the contributions of the Fourth Regiment West Virginia Volunteers during the Civil War. The battles the regiment fought in were listed on the flag: Charleston, Vicksburg, Jackson and Mission Ridge. Meanwhile, other units used their own flags.

It wasn’t until the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis that state officials realized a standard flag was needed. That design, however, had to be tweaked for the Jamestown Exposition three years later because the colors on the white field of cloth showed through to the other side. The details of the current flag were spelled out very specifically in a legislative resolution passed on March 7, 1929 — it had to have the same proportions as the U.S. ensign, a coat of arms and a wreath of rhododendron.   Source: West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia

March 7, 2019 – “Ninety years ago today the West Virginia Legislature adopted the familiar Montani Semper Liberi flag we know today as the official state flag. But getting to that official flag took more than 65 years from statehood in 1863. . .”

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