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Timber Rattlesnake – The Official West Virginia State Reptile

“The TIMBER RATTLESNAKE, or CROTALUS HORRIDUS, was designated the official state reptile by Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 29, adopted by the Legislature March 8, 2008. This venomous reptile is the only species of snake in the state with a segmented rattle at the end of its tail. It has brown or black chevron-shaped markings down its back – a pattern the resolution denotes as “reminiscent of West Virginia’s fauna and flora.” Usually a docile snake, rattlers usually occur in remote, rocky, mountainous sections of West Virginia.”  – (WV Blue Book)

WILDLIFE DIVERSITY NOTEBOOK:  Timber Rattlesnakes   By Jennifer Adams and David Garst

“The timber rattlesnake ( Crotalus horridus ) is possibly the most misunderstood snake species encountered in West Virginia.   Timber rattlesnakes are actually quite secretive and passive animals—far from the aggressive creatures perceived by most people.   They fulfill their role in maintaining an ecological balance that promotes . . .”

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