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“Audra State Park is a heavily wooded area bisected by the Middle Fork River located in southwestern Barbour County and a portion of Upshur County. Each year, visitors are drawn to the natural beauty of the Middle Fork and its surroundings, which offers opportunities for hiking, camping and family picnics. This park is an ideal destination for families who enjoy the outdoors. The clear, clean water of the Middle Fork River and the rock overhang of the Alum Cave offer picture-perfect backdrops.”

“Audra State Park is named after the small, early 20th-century town of Audra, which sat on property owned by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. Once the site of commercial logging, the area was later turned into Barbour County’s 4-H Club camp. The state of West Virginia purchased some of the B&O property in 1948, built the first rustic facilities and opened the park to the public in 1950. As the park became popular, additional land was purchased in 1960, and more modern facilities, including a campground, bathhouse and playgrounds, were constructed. In the early 1970s, the campground was expanded to include accommodations for trailer campers with electrical hookups.”

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