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“Located in the Greenbrier River Valley north of Lewisburg, Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park is part of the Civil War Discovery Trail, which links more than 300 historical sites in 16 states. The park is famous for reenactments of the Battle of Droop Mountain, which was the last major American Civil War conflict in West Virginia. Reenactments occur in October of even-numbered years. The park also provides hiking trails, picnic shelters and play areas for use any time of the year.”


“Located in the Greenbrier River Valley north of Lewisburg, Droop Mountain Battlefield is the site of West Virginia’s last significant Civil War battle.

“On November 6, 1863, the federal army of Brigadier General William W. Averell attempted for the second time to disrupt the Virginia-Tennessee Railroad at Salem, Virginia. Averell and his troops faced the Confederate troops of Brigadier General John Echols. Throughout the morning, Echols’ smaller confederate army held the high ground and blocked the highway with artillery, but was later overwhelmed by the crushing advance of federal infantry on his left flank. Following the collapse of his lines, General Echols retreated south into Virginia with the remnants of his command.

“Federal Troops occupied Lewisburg on November 7, 1863, but being burdened with prisoners and captured livestock, General Averell elected to return to his headquarters in Beverly, West Virginia, waiting until early December to lead a third and ultimately successful attack on the vital railroad. Operations in the Shenandoah Valley in the spring of 1864 drew remaining confederate troops out of West Virginia, thus leaving the new state securely under the control of the federal government for the remainder of the war.

“Today, Droop Mountain Battlefield is recognized as part of The Civil War Discovery Trail, which links more than 300 sites in 16 states to inspire and to teach the story of the Civil War and its haunting impact on America. The Trail, an initiative of the Civil War Trust, allows visitors to explore battlefields, historic homes, railroad stations, cemeteries, parks and other destinations that bring history to life.”

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