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Wood Products

“Wood is West Virginia’s greatest renewable resource, with almost 80 percent of the state covered in productive forests. With this abundance of resources, the forest products industry is well established in West Virginia, with over 500 companies directly involved in state-based forest product operations. The industry ranges from small logging companies employing three to ten people to individual handcrafters producing beautiful handmade furniture and other products.”

“West Virginia’s 12 million acres of forestland and 75 billion board feet of timber inventory form the basis of a thriving wood industry. As one of the top wood-producing states in the nation, West Virginia outputs more than 700 million board feet of lumber, 770 million square feet of OSB and 800 million square feet of veneer annually. The state ranks third nationally in percentage of forested land at 79 percent.”

<<For examples of products made from wood, see the MH3WV “WV Made/Grown” page.>>

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