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West Virginia Division of Forestry

“The West Virginia Division of Forestry is committed to protecting, nurturing, and promoting the wise utilization and thus the sustainability of our state’s forest resources.

  • Fire Protection: Responsible for protecting nearly 12 million acres of state and privately owned forestland across West Virginia from wildfire.
  • Investigative Unit: Investigates all violations of the state’s fire laws and enforces violations of the Logging Sediment Control Act of 1992.
  • Water Quality: Issues licenses to anyone who buys timber or logs for resale or who harvests timber within the state, and provides training and certification for loggers in accordance with the Logging Sediment Control Act.
  • Managed Timberland: Promotes sustainable forestry within the state by providing a formula-based method of taxation for forestland.
  • Forest Management: Provides cooperative forest management programs for private nonindustrial forest landowners to promote sustainable forestry practices. Also regulates the digging of ginseng, manages seven state forests, as well as the operations of the Clements State Tree Nursery.
  • Urban and Community Forestry: Helps municipalities throughout the state establish long-term tree care programs.”

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