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Limestone in West Virginia

“Limestone has been a valuable resource in West Virginia since the arrival of the early settlers, who burned local limestone to produce agricultural lime.”

Explore WVGES’ “Limestone” Website – (last updated in 2004)

“Each year West Virginia mines and quarries produce 10 to 13 million tons of limestone and dolomite valued at between $40,000,000 and $53,000,000. These materials are used to make a wide variety of products, . . . “

Continue reading at WVGES’ ‘WV Geology–Limestone and Dolomite” Website – (last updated in 2004)

          “How Lime is Made”

“See up close how limestone is quarried, crushed, sorted and burnt to temperatures up to 1400ºC to make lime.”

(4:29/2012/British Lime Association)

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