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Lake Lynn

“Located in northeastern Monongalia County, W.Va., Cheat Lake was formed in 1925 by damming the Cheat River to serve the needs of a hydroelectric generating facility, the 52-megawatt Lake Lynn Power Station. . .”

“The area was documented for development by a young George Washington, who envisioned a canal and portage system involving the Cheat River and the Lake Lynn area. Actual planning and development of the hydro plant began in 1910, but was stalled around the time of World War I. Construction was resumed in 1925, and the first water flowed over the 125-foot dam on Dec. 23, 1925.  At a ceremony in 1927, a bronze tablet, embedded in a great rock near the power station, dedicates the lake and the generating facility to the public “In lasting beauty for recreation and the supplying of essential service.” The 13-mile lake has been a popular recreation spot ever since.”

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[Previously owned by First Energy and Allegheny Energy, Lake Lynn is now owned by Eagle Creek Renewable Energy]

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          “Lake Lynn Dam At Cheat Lake West Virginia”

“Lake Lynn Dam, just yards from the Pennsylvania / West Virginia border close to Morgantown WV, creates the reservoir now known as Cheat Lake, a popular boating and fishing spot. Cheat Lake has hiking/biking trails and recreation for everyone.” (3:49/2012/ETCruzer)

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