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West Virginia, My Home Sweet Home

Words and music by: Col. Julian G. Hearne, Jr.


West Virginia, My Home Sweet Home.

My heart beats with lasting love for you,
Where my roots are so deep, Where my fore-father’s sleep,
Where kin-folks and friends are staunch and true;
Where the Blue of the North
And the Grey of the South
Long have blended in perfect harmony,
Where the East meets the West,
And derives from each the best,
That’s West Virginia home sweet home for me.


Where mountains and hills and valleys too
And the orchards, the farms,
Timberlands, all have charms
And fact’ries and mines are on view;
There I work, and I play,
And I worship Sunday,
in that land where the mountaineers are free,
Other States are OK,
It’s a grand old USA,
But West Virginia’s home sweet home for me.


         “West Virginia, My Home Sweet Home” – Performed by William Matheny

“For more than a decade,  William Matheny has been a singular presence in West Virginia music. After learning guitar from his bluegrass performing father, Matheny quickly established himself as a trusted side person for some of the region’s most beloved and influential musicians – including Mark Poole, Brian Porterfield and Todd Burge – where he lent his talents on guitar, drums, bass, banjo, mandolin, lap steel, and occasionally, charisma. All the while, he continued to build his own catalog of original tunes, assembled a band and released his first proper solo album, “Born of Frustration.”  

– Josh Saul, web producer, NPR’s Mountain Stage”

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(Audio Only – This is likely the first (and only) recording of this song.  Recorded exclusively for

(1:55/2014 / MH3WV)

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