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Battle of Blair Mountain Centennial – Blair 100

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“The Battle of Blair Mountain Centennial events will tell both a historical and contemporary story. We will commemorate the significance of the Battle of Blair Mountain in 1921 and the rich history of the southern West Virginia coalfields.

“We aim to memorialize the brave men and women who fought for the civil rights of miners and their families, and featuring a range of leaders when possible, including men and women, black, white and immigrant miners and children.

“Finally, we will celebrate the spirit of Blair Mountain that was passed on to us today by embracing inclusiveness, diversity, and equity through all programs and events.”

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     “UMWA to recreate historic ‘Miner’s March’ over Labor Day Weekend”

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September 1, 2021

“In late August 1921, thousands of union supporters marched from the outskirts of Marmet to the foot of Blair Mountain. . .”

wv history blair mountain

Explore HD Media’s “Battle of Blair Mountain Centennial Special Section” (8 pages) (pdf) – includes sponsor advertisements

     “Blair Mountain’s Legacy”

West Virginia Gazette

September 1, 2021

“With centennial, mine wars conflict offers a cautionary about the decline of US labor unions.”

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     “A century since the confrontation on Blair Mountain”

WV History blair mountain

September 2, 2021

“One of the largest and most violent clashes over labor rights in America happenedĀ 100 years ago this week in Logan County. . . “

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