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“Locks & Dams – Navigation Projects” – USACE

“Navigation was the Corps of Engineers’ earliest Civil Works mission, dating to Federal laws in 1824 authorizing and funding the Corps to improve safety on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and several ports. The Corps provides safe, reliable, efficient, and environmentally sustainable waterborne transportation systems (channels, harbors, and waterways) for movement of commerce, national security needs, and recreation.”

“From the days of wooden wicket dams to today’s modern technology, improving and maintaining the navigability of our nation’s waterways has been a priority for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.”

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[Several of these dams now have hydroelectric generating facilities.  Locks and dams were also located on the Coal, Big Sandy, Tug Fork, and Little Kanawha Rivers, though all have have been removed or fallen into disrepair.]

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