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“The Role of the River in the Development of WV Commerce” – WV Historical Society

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“In the beginning there were pre-historic settlements along the Ohio and all its tributaries. These inhabitants, and later the Shawnee, traveled the river in canoes in search of food and an easy transportation to points along the river. They lived in relative quiet until 1660 when Sieur De La Salle, looking for the Pacific, found his way to the banks of the Ohio River. With him, and those who followed, came trade, conquest, and the desire for profit. At first there were only small bands of explorers and trappers. That started to change in 1729 when the British completed the first survey of the Ohio [and] adjoining rivers and streams from Quebec to Louisiana. Both the French and the British governments took great interest in the Ohio River Valley. Both governments started to encourage the settlement to beef up their claims to the territory. War ensued, and the British ended up with a very lucrative piece of property . . .”

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