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“The N&W is remembered as one of the most highly respected railroad companies in history and for good reason. Aside from well-managed operations the railroad’s property was meticulous and its equipment was always in excellent working order. Of course, operations aside, from a railfan and historical standpoint the railroad is remembered for many other things such as being the last Class I to operate steam locomotives (until 1960), its symbolism with coal, and legendary photographer O. Winston Link whose black and white photos of the railroad’s final days of steam are now considered all but priceless works of art (not only for the photography itself but also the historical images captured).

“The formation of the Norfolk & Western occurred in 1881 when the bankrupt AM&O was purchased by the Clark Family. By the time the Norfolk and Western had entered its second and final reorganization the railroad was already well on its way to reap the rewards brought by black diamonds. . .”

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