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“Rosbey’s (Rosbby’s) Rock” – Marshall Co.

rosebys rock

“This rock is an obscure landmark in an obscure community in the West Virginia panhandle, but it deserves to be as well-known as the Golden Spike Natural Historical Site that marks the point at which the transcontinental railroad was completed.  Roseby’s Rock is significant for an earlier event of similar importance in the embryonic days of American railroading. Near this point in a narrow valley southeast of Wheeling, the last spike was driven in the B&O Railroad on Christmas Eve 1852, closing the gap in the rail connection between Baltimore and the Ohio River at Wheeling.  The rock was named for Roseby Carr, the B&O official in charge of construction in this territory. The celebration after the line’s completion may or may not have been responsible for the misspelling “Rosbby” chiseled into the big rock.  The historic B&O line through Roseby’s Rock was abandoned years ago.”  – Jon R. Roma

“The inscribed boulder marks the spot, where on Dec. 24, 1852, the rails of the B&O were joined forming a railroad link between Baltimore (the Atlantic Ocean) and the Ohio River. This site is the original Promontory Point linking the two water drainages. Construction of the railroad was started on July 4, 1928, and its completion represented one of the major milestones in United States history and development. The railroad aided commerce and westward expansion.” –  WV Tourism

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