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“Hovatter’s Wildlife Zoo” – Preston Co.


“This West Virginia Zoo is home to over 30 different species of native and exotic animals from all over the world. What started out as a small collection of deer, black bear, cougars and tigers has turned into a menagerie. You always find new babies for that special photo opportunity.”


Animal List:

Giraffe,  Chimpanzee,  Grizzly Bear,   African Lion,   White Bengal Tiger,   Orange Bengal Tiger,   Russian Wild Boar,   Spider Monkey,   Ringtail Lemurs,   Himalayan Bear,   Japanese Macaque,   Aoudad,   Spotted Leopard,   Black Leopard,   African Pygmy Goat,   Miniature Donkey,   Rattlesnake,   Olive Baboon,   Raccoon,   Buffalo,   Pot Belly Pig,   Bobcat,   Camel,   Turtles,   Grivet Monkey,   Capuchin Monkey,   various Reptiles.

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