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West Virginia Judiciary

“Explore the court system and the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia”

Includes:  Public Resources, Supreme Court, Lower Courts, Legal Community, and Court Administration, as well as a slideshow of County Courthouses and a virtual tour of the Supreme Court of Appeals’ Courtroom.

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     “The Foundation of Justice: West Virginia Court System” – West Virginia Judiciary

“This video, about the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia and the state court system, gives viewers an understanding of the judicial process. It contains historical footage, archival photos, interviews, and detailed shots of the stunning Courtroom in the East Wing of the West Virginia Capitol. It is narrated by Justice Thomas E. McHugh.”

<<This is a two-part video — this part deals with the WV Judicial Process. The other part, located on the “Capitol Complex” page, includes the Courtroom and History of the WV Supreme Court.>>

(16:03/2016 / West Virginia Judiciary)

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