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The Blue Book

“Published each year, the Blue Book is an extensive guide containing information on current officials in the executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government; federal officers, including the president, congressional representatives and judges; and, political leaders, including party committee chairs and members. The books published in odd-numbered years and the 2000 edition, include photographs and biographies of these officials. This publication also contains information on state and federal agencies; postal information; the Constitutions of the United States and West Virginia; and, considerable information on counties, municipalities and various organizations.”  

wv legislature

[Unfortunately, the Blue Book has not been published annually for the several years.]

Explore “West Virginia Blue Book” Website – includes archived volumes from 1916 to 2012 (pdfs)


Explore “Blue Book” 2015-2016 edition — by section:  (pdfs)

Frontice (p. I-XIV)
Section 1: Executive (p. 1-336)
Section 2: Legislative (p. 337-512)
Section 3: Judicial (p. 513-542)
Section 4: Constitutional (p. 543-628)
Section 5: Institutions (p. 629-676)
Section 6: Federal (p. 677-752)
Section 7: Press, Television & Radio, Postal (p. 753-766)
Section 8: Political (p. 767-876)
Section 9: Counties (p. 877-946)
Section 10: Municipalities (p. 947-1042)
Section 11: Departmental, Statistical & General Information (p. 1043-1116) — includes Official State Symbols
Section 12: Index (p. 1117-1134)

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