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“WV STEAM” / “Inspiring West Virginians” / “Appalachian Innovators” – WV Public Broadcasting


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“West Virginia STEAM is a series of videos designed to [help] middle and high school students consider careers in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. They are produced by West Virginia Public Broadcasting with help from the West Virginia Department of Education.”

  • Nanoengineer and the Scientific Method
  • Pipefitter and the Pythagorean Theorem
  • Nurse (and) the Frontline of Family History
  • The Art of an Iron Alchemist
  • Forensic Science in the Crime Lab
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technicians are In-Demand

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“Inspiring West Virginians – The series from WV Public Broadcasting profiles West Virginians who have exceptional careers in scientific fields. Curriculum for science and social studies is included.”

  • Kim Weaver:  Astrophysicist
  • Rodney Bartgis:  Conservationist
  • Dr. Lewis Cantley:  Medical Researcher
  • Geoffrey Cousins:  Heart Surgeon
  • Katherine Johnson:  NASA Computer
  • John Ochsendorf:  Structural Engineer

“Appalachian Innovators – Video programs dealing with innovations in carbon fibers, lavender farming, job creation, and rare earth elements are included in this collection. Lesson plans and discussion questions are included.”

  • Lavender Farming
  • Trail Town
  • Generation West Virginia
  • How One Man Is Using Coal to Help Blast Rockets into Space
  • Rare Earth Elements

Explore WV Public Broadcasting’s “WV STEAM”  Website – also includes “Inspiring West Virginians” and “Appalachian Innovators”

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