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“Weird Wonderful West Virginia” – WV Public Broadcasting

“View and discuss the short programs in this collection to examine recreation, history, exceptional individuals and groups, geography, the arts, and oddities in West Virginia. Content is appropriate for anyone with an interest in West Virginia.”


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Mummies Dearest
Moundsville Ghosts
Identifying Flying Objects
Oh Suite!
Dracula Takes the Stage
West Virginia | BASEc FactsLinks to the Past
Mountain Highs
27 Seconds Downhill
Water Water
Gauley Season
Wild Ramps!
Burning Springs
Digging Ginseng
Toy Story
Jack Frosty
Stradivarius of Steel
I, Too, Am an Appalachian
Honky Tonked Hank
Keeping the Music Alive
Rocket Man
Doughboy Buckles
Katherine Johnson | NASA Computer
Southern Belle
For Those Who Gave All
Standing with Her Brothers
Green Lights
Light My Fire
Home Plates
Fenton Glass
Steamboat Jimmy
Soda Straws and Hoppers: Organ Cave
West Virginians in War | Recognizing Rosies: West Virginia’s Women in the Factories

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