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Clio – Instructor Resources

“Each entry includes concise information, embedded media, and links to primary sources and relevant books and articles. Clio also offers maps and navigation, as well as useful information for visitors to museums, libraries, and historic sites.

“Clio provides institutional accounts to libraries, historical societies, museums, and other institutions so that their staff can create, expand, and update entries. Clio also provides special accounts for educators that allow them to create and vet entries with their students.”

Instructor Resources include:

  • Clio Instructor Guide
  • Clio Entry Assignment Rubric
  • Clio Entry Checklist for Students
  • Clio Entry Assignment with Writing Evaluation
  • Development Assignments with Clio
  • Clio Entry Assignment Learning Objectives
  • Clio Entry Assignment
  • Clio in the Classroom:  A 16-week Semester Plan

Explore Clio’s “Resources” Website – scroll down for Instructor Resources and a Sample Lesson Plan

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